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Can Humans Read Your Website?

Word "clarity" viewed from a glasses.


  • 7,442,800 people with visual disabilities.
  • 22,652,000 people with motor disabilities
  • 16,503,600 people with cognitive disabilities
  • Millions of people use some form of technology to read information on line. This is not counting the 10,000 people who turn 65 every day in the US who can access your information easier when using Universal Design principals.

Can all people read your information?

Often, the accessibility "checkers" will give organizations a false confidence and we are finding that many people are not concerned about the "users" experience. This is disheartening.

Our human centered testing (with Jaws and various other tools) can tell you the truth about the user experience. We can train your team on various strategies which include social media, websites, events, video, electronic and printed communications, and much more. All working together, focused on your goals, while making a more accessible world. What could be better!?

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