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Is Your Sales Funnel Working?

Why would people pay for site visitors if their sales funnel is not solid? This is what I find with the majority of my clients and it frustrates me thinking about the millions of businesses that do not have this set up.  This mentality falls in line with the number of people that believe having their website “Go Live” and thinking the phone is going to ring off the hook within the first few hours. Sorry if this sounds harsh but this topic really ruffles my feathers!

There are a number of steps a prospective client takes while on their path to you.  It all starts with the marketing visibility and communications.  These typically lead people to your website which we will call “visitors”.  This is the top of your sales funnel.

Make sure your prospective clients know what to expect as they walk through this funnel.  For example, if your content is leading them to your website from an email, simply tell people that this link will take them to your website where they can learn more about this particular product or service.

When people visit your site, how many steps does it take for them to purchase something from you?  Hopefully that answer is 1...ONE STEP to contact you and/or purchase your products or services.

Here are some ideas that can help streamline that process.

  • Create a brightly colors button that says ORDER NOW.  Put this on top and if you use a left side menu bar, make sure it is there too.
  • If you use a shopping cart, do not allow the person to leave your site. Make sure it opens in a new tab. This is the same for anything a visitor can access on your site.
  • Often, people will have questions. Make sure it is easy for people to contact you with questions.
  • Make sure the messages, branding, content is all well branded and your marketing content matches your sales verbiage when talking about pricing next steps.  This will build trust and create a stronger relationship.

There is a 209% increase in sales when marketing and sales teams are working together with a smooth transition from potential client to ongoing clients!

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