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Classes Offered

Our presenters have years of marketing, sales, public relations, training, knowledge from start up companies to the corporations, and non profits.  

Join us for our marketing workshops and learn how to create an effective and robust marketing plan which cuts down on time spent each day, shares your story to reach your ideal client by using low cost and free tools.

You will gain advice on areas below:

1) Use FREE Marketing Tools

2) Write Messages that Grab Attention of Your Ideal Clients

3) Create a Calendar for Social Media with Well Thought Out Messages

4) Understand How to Use Social Media for Sales

5) Buy Google Ads Only if Sales Funnel is Strong

6) Develop Affordable Websites with Strong Content for SEO

7)  Build and Grow Your Database for Regular Communications

Join us on 3/27, 3:30 pm to 5 pm to learn these top tips on using free and low cost tools for building your business.   $25 per person. RSVP  by (616) 581-5876  or    Seating is Limited to First 15 who RSVP Below:

We call the training portion of our organization Avid, edu and believe in teaching people how to “do” their own marketing.  

We run classes as progressive series as well as in-depth single focus programs. This is to meet the specific learning needs of each of our clients. Either way, at the end of the training you will have saved thousands of dollars in tuition and will have a robust marketing program.

We learn, laugh, work together as a team and focus on YOUR marketing!

You can implement ideas immediately!

Class sizes are small on purpose!

grand rapids marketing training digital trainingCreating a strong marketing communications and sales funnel. What tools do you use with all of the options out there?  Which are most effective? How do I combine on-line marketing with traditional marketing for best impact? Great questions! We can help you!  This is our most popular training program.

training for blogging marketing sales

Sharing your knowledge while gaining sales.  YOU have so much knowledge about your business and simply sharing that, will create sales.  Let us show you how!

low cost free marketing tools effective

How to best set up the free and low cost marketing tools.  Which tools are best for your organization? How do you use various tools while cutting down time spent each day on your marketing efforts.

marketing ideas creative thing tank

Marketing Idea Think Tank!  We gather as small team, sharing ideas on how you can increase your visibility and how to reach more people.

Creating a Marketing Strategy which helps you to stand out from the crowd.

linkedin training for sales growth

LinkedIn for Superstars! We will help you create a Superstar status profile, how to connect with your ideal clients, best practices for building relationships, and much more!

cause marketing for gaining salesCause Marketing Campaign is a win-win for everyone involved. Implement this in for gaining visibility, sales, and helping your favorite charity.

Make sure your marketing efforts are working....measurement and process are the two keys to success.  Marketing requires gut instinct, knowledge of tools, and making sure that you are only spending time on efforts that are creating results.  Having a strong sales process will ensure that you are following up with the people who are interested in your products or services.  Relationship Marketing and your sales funnel are deeply connected. The two work hand in hand to grow profitability for your organization.  We can teach you how to use low cost and effective tools for these processes.

For more information or to schedule your presentation, contact us at 616.581.5876 or send an email to our Sales Director.

marketing for veteran owned business logoVeteran Owned Business and Organizations Who Serve Veterans

This Marketing Workshop will teach Veteran Owned Businesses and Organizations who serve Veterans how to create a Strong Digital Marketing Foundation for Communications and Growth.

You will learn:

How to use the free and low cost tools for effective marketing.

  • How to use social media for growing your database and reaching more people.

How to create messages which reach your ideal client(s) and encourages them to engage.

avid marketing creates custom video content planning class on march19 from 3 to 5 pm

Contact Christine for upcoming schedule.

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