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Marketing Services

Website and Printed Materials Working Together:

This is your organization's hub - main storage of public facing information. This needs to be updated, precise, full of relevant information for your audience and pointing visitors towards your sales funnel.  We can create an engaging, beautiful, accessible website which will be fully optimized for various search engines. We believe in first trying organic optimization which combines Universal Design elements with strong content focused on obtaining sales and interaction for your programs and services.

Your printed marketing materials should be a mirror of your website which is vibrant, has impact and is minimalistic in nature. Laser focused content that helps to catch attention (preferably without jingles), describes your product or service, directs people on how to contact you for more information.

Marketing Creation, Implementation, and Training:

We enjoy creating the integrated marketing plan for our clients, implementing them and then either walking alongside our clients as their marketing department or training their teams on how to utilize these tools themselves.

Event Marketing:

We specialize in accessible event management  as well as all of the PR and communications surrounding it. This includes helping you to increase the number of people that attend your event while keeping in mind that sales is a large reason that we are doing this for you.  We ensure that we are capturing information on visitors and getting as many people into your sales funnel as possible, while it is a pleasurable event for everyone.

Social Media for Business Growth:

We create an editorial calendar so the pressure is removed from your staff's daily workload or we can manage the social media experiences for you.  Creating impressions, increasing engagement, conveying your organizations content is our mission. It's the expert advice that we provide that will improve your quality of work life as well as prove results for your organization.   


Electronic and Printed Newsletters:

We create an editorial calendar which includes electronic and paper newsletters because this is a terrific way to remain the industry leader.  These convey topics of interest for your reader, fun and lively information, success stories for your organization, coupons, and all types of tactics that lead people back to your sales funnel while keeping them engaged with your brand.  Using electronic newsletters allows us to see who is engaged with your brand, if they visited your website, and how they engaged with your organization.


We create a great deal of video for our clients because it is not only engaging for their audience, conveys messages in a fun way, it also increases your Search Engine Optimization.  Our accessible videos are more likely to have an engaged audience. We can do these videos for you and/or teach your team how to incorporate accessibility into them.

Cause Marketing Campaigns:

These are our specialty because these gain a great deal of visibility for your organization and will help to create funding or visibility for a cherished non-profit or organization that needs your help.  It is a win-win for everyone.  One of our campaigns gained 530,000 social media engagements and we raised $25,000 for a local charity.  It was the bees' knees!