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As an entrepreneur, I am blessed with being able to form and adjust my structure according to my heart and gut instincts. I do not have to get permission from a board or a supervisor which is freeing, exciting, and often nerve racking but I wouldn't change it for the world.

My latest adjustment is adding a line of service specific for personal brand coaching. Working with people / businesses on where THEY are at and how they need help. Working through Mind & Heart Maps, Decluttering their Brains, Sharing Tactics that Streamline Thoughts are a few of the most popular requests.

Most entrepreneurs have brilliant brains that move 100 mph, 24/7. During our conversations, it is your time to work ON your business and not IN the thick of it. People enjoy the clarity and having someone else help them look at their business from 50,000 feet, providing recommendations and ideas on scaling, focusing in on getting them to the next level.

I love this work and will be doing more of it. Check out this video:


Christine A. Morse

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