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A strong integrated technology base for communications is the key to any successful marketing strategy.  It is basically telling your story and sharing your knowledge on various platforms so it shares your information in a way that 1) reaches many people and 2) sets yourself as an industry leader.  We teach people how to roll out their knowledge with a rhythm and cadence that not only provides valuable information but also encourages the reader to share it with their network.

The goodness all starts with your Hub which is your website!  When your Hub is strong, easy to navigate, valuable, easy to update on your end, and fully optimized, it allows you to tell your story.

Blogging is not dead!! It is the key to sharing your knowledge.  Posting blogs and sharing them throughout social media and electronic newsletters is a low cost and very effective way of sharing your story, products, and services.

Learning to use these free and low cost tools can save your time, energy, and budget.  We take pride in our workshops and enjoy helping businesses to grow! #socialmedia #business #communication #blogging #integration #marketingstrategy

Seating is limited so reserve your spot today.

July 11: Build Your Effective Newsletter Template and Articles
AOT, 6151 28th St., Ste 15, GR , 3 to 5 pm

July 17: Effective Website & Organic Search Engine Optimization
Coffee Corridor: 637 Stocking Ave NW GR, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

July 18: Blog Your Best - Share Your Knowledge - Become the Expert!
Coffee Corridor: 637 Stocking Ave NW GR, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

July 20: Killer Content for Gaining Sales
Coffee Corridor: 637 Stocking Ave NW GR, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Seating is limited to 10 per class.

RSVP Required.

Cost is $49 / Class / Per Person. Pricing based on having 5 or more people in class.

For full effectiveness of your plan, participation in each class is recommended.

Homework may be required.

Please Bring Your Laptop - We Will Be Working Hard To Get This Done!

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