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Christine has a passion for marketing, and has turned that passion into a thriving business. She is incredibly open, listens well, and brings a sense of joy to all of her work. She has blossomed as a leader and networker.   Mabel Casey, Sr. VP Haworth


Christine Morse and I worked together at Disability Advocates of Kent County for two years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Christine and came to know her as a valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive communicator who works well with others.

Her knowledge of marketing and expertise with public relations was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put her skillset to work increasing community awareness and advocating for individuals with disabilities.

Along with her undeniable talent, Christine has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.


Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Christine to join any team or project. She is dedicated and knowledgeable individual and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to any organization.  Angela Hodges, Disability Advocates of Kent County


Christine is a hard-working, dedicated colleague who shows her caring appreciation for others in all of her efforts. She has made great connections with local media outlets and knows who to call or email for coverage. She has a great social media savvy to help promote messages. And most importantly, she puts her heart into all she does!  Lisa LaPlante, City of Grand Rapids


I worked with Christine for over two years. She was thoughtful, effective, and her marketing skills took our organization to a new level. We offer many different programs at our non-profit and it can be confusing for others when trying to explain who we are and what we do. The materials that Christine and her team developed were fantastic in delivering our message quickly and clearly! Christine is a good problem solver.  Denise Blair, Disability Advocates of Kent County


Christine is an industry colleague, former client and friend with a strong work ethic, a deep knowledge of marketing and a kind spirit. She holds herself to a higher standard and achieves any goals she sets. It's always a pleasure working with her.  Chuck Otto, Professional Writer

I am writing this letter with many positive things to say about Christine and her abilities and work ethics. I first met Christine at Disability Advocates of Kent County nearly 2 years ago. I witnessed a significant growth at DAKC during Christine's employment there as marketing specialist. Christine is such a hard worker and she always thinks out-of-the-box. She's a very strong advocate and is willing to go the extra mile to get the work done. I know her to be both knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Before doing the work, Christine does her homework by researching the subject matter.  Mohamed Fawaz, Attorney-At-Law

Marketing Workshops:

"Learned so much about different ways to market!"

"This class changed my life & how to market!"

"Very interactive and thorough."

"So much to cover! Thanks a bunch. We've been told to Blog but not sure where to start. Now we know so thank you !"

"Thank you for making me write my first Blog which I literally never thought I could do!"

"Very relevant info. Thanks so much!"

"I was glad it was a small class size, more personable.  Easy to communicate with all."

"I loved your insights on content management!"

"Thank you for sharing your expertise and I am grateful for have you as a connection!"

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