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Your Ideal Client

Have you taken time to identify your ideal client? What is their age? Demographic? What are their likes and where do you find them?

These are the fairly simple questions to answer and as far as most clients go before we talk. The harder (and more effective) part of this exercise is listing a series of challenges they are having and services that will help them.

For an example, when I was teaching classes for start up companies, my social media posts, videos, and presentations surrounded topics about saving money on marketing. They also wanted to know about how to create effective marketing while cutting down time spent each week on their efforts because they were wearing all of the business hats. The wanted to use free and low cost tools for marketing because they were just starting out and many did not have funding for marketing. All of these aspects were critical for gaining the attention of my ideal clients.

Each organization has it's own toolbox for reaching their customers. Successful marketers will capture attention, gain clients, and then to deepen the relationship. They take time to share additional services or ways they can help their clients and encourages them to purchase more of your services or products. Have you ever heard that it is easier to grow your sales with an existing clients vs finding new? This has been proven over and over with companies who are climbing from 1 to 3 million in sales. Finding those additional services that solve various challenges for existing clients is the key! Chances are high, you are already offering these services so your clients will be open to hearing what you have to say, right?

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