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Your Website is Hub. Your Base. Your Foundation!

hand reaching for images that are floatingYour Website is Your Hub: Your Base and Your Foundation. Make sure it is strong!

There are so many digital programs which help you on-line but there is nothing like having a strong home-base which we call your Hub - AKA website! If you do not have a strong foundation, your house will crumble. This is where all magic happens. You create it here and share it out throughout your communications vehicle. Once again, I’m talking about Integrated Marketing!

So, how do you create a strong website you ask. It’s simple, the basics are listed below.

Your website must be:

  • Easy to update. There are numerous platforms for creating your website such as Wix, Squarespace, and even Go Daddy has stepped up it’s templates. However, remember that all people should have access to your website which includes people with disabilities. Make sure your template is “accessible” and it could drive thousands upon thousands of extra people to your business.
  • Easy to navigate. Put yourself into the shoes of your visitor. Make sure YOU are easy to contact when / if there are questions. Your phone number or email should be easy to find in the top right corner and also at the bottom of each page.
  • A marketer's nightmare is the new fancy template that has one url and basically allows people to scroll down the page for all of your information and events. This design is beautiful but horrible when you are trying to send content out about a specific area of your company! In my opinion (as a professional marketer) avoid this template.
  • Your visitor needs to know how you help them within seconds of visiting your site or you will lose them.
  • Limited content and engaging images which “cement in” the fact that you can help them. This also enhances your brand and will help lengthen their visit. The average length of stay on your website will be 1 minute or less. Make the most of this time!
  • Your sales funnel needs to be apparent and easy to find. Chances are high that your visitor is there in order to use your services because you or something drove them to that page. Make sure they can easily give you their money!
  • Be sure to attach Google Analytics to your website. No marketing or communications should be done without being able to measure the effectiveness. Read these reports at least once a month and if your marketing is not increasing in numbers...change direction!
  • Last but not least….be sure your website template is mobile friendly before you build it!

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