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Aligning Sales & Marketing Teams


We visit your organization and train your sales and marketing teams.  Ensure everyone is working on the same page, using the same  tools, processes, and strategy.  

Marketing Training & Membership

Avid Marketing Alliances provides numerous marketing trainings to businesses.

We provide marketing training  on all aspects of marketing and sales while helping you to create your entire marketing strategy. Check our Membership Packages.

Your Marketing Team


Hire us for creative ideas, strategy planning, or as your marketing team.  Our years of knowledge and success can set you ahead of your competitors.

Marketing Training & Services

If you can create a group of 3 or more businesses for the workshops, you can receive a $100 discount on your training.


Marketing Mastery Program

The most robust training is our 3 month program which combines all of the trainings above while creating YOUR marketing plan.  We share creative ideas, learn ALL of the areas above and you have access to all Membership Packages.

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Easy pay  through our  PayPal or we can send an invoice.  If you have questions, please contact Christine at